Services and Expertise
We care deeply about the quality of our work, the relationship with our clients and the growth of our consultants. Our expertise embraces the various disciplines and diverse natures of services as mentioned below;

  1. Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Road, Bridge, Building, Hydropower, Water Supply, Cable Car, Ropeway,
  2. Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)/ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the extraction of Sand, Gravel and Stone, and for other purpose.
  3. IEE/EIA for other purpose.
  4. Planning and development
  5. Landscape Engineering
  6. Architecture, structural design, 3D and interior design
  7. Property valuation
  8. Pre/Feasibility of Irrigation Canal and drift (Medium irrigation)
  9. Pre/Feasibility of water supply and drift, Hydropower
  10. Detailed Feasibility of Irrigation Canal, water supply and drift, Road Bridge, Cable Car, Hydropower
  11. Preparation of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction/Management Plan
  12. Earthquake Resistant Design of Private, Public and Governmental Buildings
  13. Earthquake Resistant Design of Private, Public and Governmental Hospital Buildings
  14. Survey and Design of Suspension Bridges
  15. Survey and Design of Transmission Line
  16. Pre/feasibility study, IEE, EIA Survey and design of engineering infrastructures
  17. Soil test
  18. Project and construction management
  19. Quantity surveying
  20. Seismic vulnerability assessment and retrofitting
  21. 7 Day’s Earthquake Resistant Building Construction Training for Mason
  22. Professional trainings and capacity development; AutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion, GIS, SAP 2000, ETABS, LSAR and masons training etc.
  23. Social mobilization
  24. Climate change and disaster risk management
  25. Developing & Designing Sustainable Development Parameters Specialist services
  26. Real estate
  27. Information and communication technology
  28. Resource and Revue forecasting and analysis
  29. Economics, finance and research & development